Sunday, 4 December 2016

I'm Baaaaaack!

Good morning everyone! 

    SURPRISE! I am back! Since I have time off of school, I have really gotten back into planning, and I decided to start writing on this blog again! I don't have an exact schedule yet, but as soon as I know I will let everyone know! For right now I will be posting hopefully every Sunday. 

   Before we get into the good stuff, there are just a few things I need to address.  I am no longer making Happy Planner size stickers. All sticker kits will be Erin Condren size from now on. 

   Why you may ask? Although I love Happy planner and it will always have a special place in my heart but, I have grown out of happy planner, and it just doesn't suit my planning style anymore. Becuase of time it just makes more sense for me to only be making one size. 

   Why not make Happy Planner sizes instead of Erin Condren? That thought did cross my mind but, the way I formatted the kits I would have to take stuff out in order to do the Happy Planner size. Also, because I am busier than I was when I started this blog it has a lot to do with time and being the worst with time management. 

  How can I make Erin Condren fit if the Happy Planner boxes are longer? Well, my friends, that is all depending on your planning style. If you are a no white space planner, you can just push everything up, and you'll have extra room to add more stuff! For those that are white space planners you can easily just put the full box kinda in the middle of the happy planner box, and it will give you some extra space. 

If there are any other questions, you have don't hesitate to contact me through email or my Facebook group or Instagram @everybodywantstoplan_

Now on to what everyone came here for! The planner kit!

When I made this kit I had no idea what to name it, luckily I have some creative people in my Facebook group that came up with the name! 

Silver Bells Kit:

Click here to download (PDF)
** I do not claim rights to the pictures, all credit goes to the creators of the pictures**

New format update: Each page has a black line around it so you can make it smaller. There is also a white gap at the top where you can hole punch the kit and put it in a binder.

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- Edna

Thursday, 4 August 2016

September Monthly Kits!

Hey, everyone! Sorry, I have been kind of MIA lightly. With summer here life gets kinda of busy! After spending all day shopping for dorm stuff. I decided I would finally get around to writing a new blog post. All though it's 12:30 and I'm falling asleep while typing this. As most of you know I made an august monthly kit, and it seemed to go over pretty well, so I decided to make September ones!

  I asked a lot of you on different facebook groups what type of monthly kit you wanted and a lot of you said "fall, apple picking...etc" although I did get around to making an apple picking theme yet. I did make a pumpkin spiced inspired glitter theme!

** These are the small happy planner sizes! If anyone has the Erin Condren sizes I would be happy to make them in EC size.**

Click here for the PDF.

Since I am not ready to say goodbye to summer yet I also decided to make a floral September monthly kit!

** These are the small happy planner sizes! If anyone has the Erin Condren sizes I would be happy to make them in EC size.**

Click here for the PDF.

I hope you guys like!

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Thursday, 30 June 2016



Just like the title says this is random surprise blog post!

Things to expect in this blog post: 
  • A new kit (not yet posted to Facebook)
  • A new kit (posted on Facebook)
  • The FIRST ever monthly view kit!
  • An old favourite kit reformatted  

New Kit: 

Click here for Happy Planner PDF.
Click here for ECLP PDF.

New Kit (Posted to Facebook):

Click here for Happy Planner PDF.
Click here for ECLP PDF.

First Ever Monthly View Kit:

Click here for the monthly kit

**SIDE NOTE: This kit was made for the HP ONLY! I didn't have the dimensions for the ECLP so I was unable to make it for the ECLP**

Old Kit Reformatted:

When I first made this kit I never in a million years would have thought how popular it would get! So, I decided that since I want to reformat all my old kits I would start with one of my most popular ones! Keep an eye out for more reformatted kits in the future! 

Click here for Happy Planner PDF.
Click here for ECLP PDF.

Hope you all enjoy! If you use any of these don't forget to tag me on instagram @everybodywantstoplan_ or join my Facebook page

Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Longest Blog Post Ever?

           Good evening everyone!

     So as some of you may know I was going to make a printable Etsy shop. I debated long and hard whether I was going to open shop or not. For a brief moment I had opened a shop, but I got so much anxiety just from having it open for less then an hour, so needless to say I closed down shop before the shop could even get off the ground. While I was debating whether or not to open the shop I thought about all you wonderful people out there just like me that may not be able to afford to pay for printable sticker (or even ready to ship planner stickers) plus all of the supplies to print them. This thought was the biggest reasons why I decided to close up shop. As a soon to be broke college student I know how expensive it can to pay for ink and sticker/label paper, especially if you are anything like me and get very impatient waiting for things to come in the mail. So, for you planner addicts that may not be able to afford paying to stickers every month of every couple weeks, I have decided to keep doing free printables only!

   ** All the stuff you see in this blog post are things I made for my failed Etsy shop. Hope you enjoy! :)


Click here for Work headers PDF.

Click here for Remember, To Buy, Important, Personal, and To Pay Headers PDF.

Click here for This Week, Next Week, Last Week Headers PDF.

**Side note: I was working on these headers while watching a movie with my little brother and he saw that I was putting "This week and Next week" headers and he came up with the idea that I should put a last week one as well, so that if people wanted they could use it to look back at stuff that happened. I thought it was such a good idea I just had to add the last week. So, shout out to my little brother for coming up with some wonderful planner ideas.***

Click here for Littles Headers PDF.

Click here for Today Headers PDF.

Click here for To Do Headers PDF.

Click here for Blog Headers PDF.

Click here for School Headers PDF.

**SIDE NOTE: For those of you going to school in the fall or just like to track your kids school work I will have a blog post coming soon with a bunch of school related stickers**

Click here for Youtube Headers PDF

Click here for Etsy Headers PDF. 

Appointment Half Boxes:

Click here for HP Nail Appointment Half Boxes PDF.

Click here for HP Hair Appointment Half Boxes PDF.

Click here for HP Eye Appointment Half Boxes PDF.

Click here for HP Dentist Appointment Half Boxes PDF.

Click here for HP Doctor Appointment Half Boxes PDF. 

Gas Stickers:

Click here for Kawaii Gas Sticker PDF.

Click here for Non-Kawaii Gas Stickers PDF.


Click here for Bill Due and Pay Day Flags PDF

Click here for Work Flags PDF

 Click here for Day Off Flags PDF. 

Bill Due, Work, and Date Night Stickers:

Click here For Bill Due Sticker PDF.

Click here for Work Sticker PDF.

Click here for Date Night Sticker PDF.

Hope you all enjoy! If you use these stickers don't forget to tag me on instagram @everybodywantstoplan_ or share on my Facebook Page 

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Orange/Pink/Yellow Theme and Kawaii Garbage Bags.

Hey everyone! I've been a little behind of stuff today but I finally got sometime to sit down and make this blog so here it is! 

Theme: Orange/pink/yellow

Click here for the HP pdf.
Click here for the ECLP Pdf.

Part 2:

Click here for part 2 HP.pdf
Click here for part 2 ECLP. pdf

Kawaii Garbage Bags:

Click here for the pdf

Hope you all enjoy! 

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Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Floral Birds/Kawaii Laundry Baskets

Hey everyone!  I hope your week is going well! It's so nice and warm here in Canada, so this theme is kind of fitting for this week! :)

Theme: Bird Floral

Click here for the HP.Pdf
Click here for the ECLP. Pdf

Click here for the part 2 for HP.pdf
Click here for the part 2 for ECLP.pdf

Functional Stickers: Kawaii Laundry Baskets.

Click here for the Pdf.

Hope you all enjoy. 

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Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Galaxy Theme/Kawaii Coffee Cups

Hey, everyone! I have been making a lot of new stickers lightly. So, my goal for the next month or so, is to post a blog every week. In each blog post I'll have a new weekly kit and one new functional type stickers. 

 Today's theme: Galaxy

Click here for the HP pdf.
Click here for the ECLP pdf.

** I do not claim any rights too the pictures, all credit goes to the creators of the pictures** 

Part Two of Galaxy theme: 

Click here for HP pdf.
Click here for ECLP pdf.

Here's the galaxy theme in action:

Functional Stickers: Kawaii To Go Coffee Cups.

Click here for the pdf.

I hope you guys enjoy! Please don't forget to tag me on Instagram @eveybodywantstoplan_ or on my Facebook  group.